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South West Mountain Bike Club

South West Mountain Bike Club Junior News

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Hi all This is our latest news letter .Big thank you to Alison for helping out with the news letter.The South West Mountain Bike Club has a maintenance day  planned for this Sunday(27th July) at Pile road trails. Please meet at top hut at 9:15am. Please confirm if you can make it on the day for a few hours with Shaun from the committee .  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I personally may not be there as I have a friend from Perth visiting .                                                                                                                                              BIG THANK YOUI would like to take this opportunity to thank all the juniors parents and juniors that come down and shop at Fitzroys Cycles .Fitzroys Cycles is not my shop but by shopping there you are supporting my job and keeping me employed so for that I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I was working else where I probably would not be able to do what I do now for all you juniors  From Graeme Adams

South West Mountain Bike Club Junior Coordinator and coach

News Letter HERE

Pile road time trial 10/08/2014

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Attached is the link for registration for the up and coming time trials at Pile road.

Note: Registrations are online only.....

Come and test your self and get timed going up Boylands and then down Grizzly’s.

The date is Sunday 10th August and racing commences at 2pm sharp so make sure your there with plenty time to spare so you don't miss out.

BBQ and drinks available on the day.

This is also on the day of the club ride so we are chaning the next club ride to the 31st August.

Hope to see everyone up at the time trials and good luck!!

Latest News

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A maintenance day is planned for this Sunday(27th July) at Pile road trails. Please meet at top hut at 9:15am. Following this will be a ride if interested. Please confirm if you can make it on the day for a few hours. Thanks, the trails need your help.....


Latest News Letter HERE

Calendar HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 18:19

Social Ride this Sat 5th July

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The South West Mountain Bike Club Committee are putting a social ride on this Saturday 2pm starting at the bottom hut Pile Rd for the older riders ( Adults and the quicker older juniors say around 12 yrs and above.)


 See you there :) 


Time Trial Results

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                                                      Sunday 15th June 2014 2PM
RiderHandicapTop of HillFinish TimeAfter HandicapBottom to Top SplitTop to Bottom Split
Long Course      
Cadel Adams0:00:000:31:080:49:180:49:180:31:080:18:10
Dean Armstrong0:00:300:27:130:43:320:43:020:26:430:16:19
Jackson Sawyer0:01:000:32:520:52:160:51:160:31:520:19:24
Bryce Lanigan0:01:300:26:520:42:270:40:570:25:220:15:35
Rhys Tatham0:02:000:30:330:46:490:44:490:28:330:16:16
Josh Geerlings0:02:300:32:240:50:030:47:330:29:540:17:39
Jake Batt0:03:000:37:130:57:150:54:150:34:130:20:02
Ryan Aldridge0:03:300:52:331:27:301:24:000:49:030:34:57
Riley Martin0:04:000:39:391:01:150:57:150:35:390:21:36
Mitchel Clarke0:04:300:31:450:47:180:42:480:27:150:15:33
Jordan Heyworth0:05:0048:25.01:13:191:08:190:43:250:24:54
Brad Hendry0:05:300:33:120:49:190:43:490:27:420:16:07
Max Munro0:06:000:51:241:14:481:08:480:45:240:23:24
Kody Batt0:06:300:51:351:19:561:13:260:45:050:28:21
Connor Martin0:07:000:47:191:12:201:05:200:40:190:25:01
Kate Peacock0:07:301:09:101:47:001:39:301:01:400:37:50
Sharon Peacock0:08:001:09:101:47:001:39:001:01:100:37:50
Caitlyn Howe0:08:300:56:131:23:271:14:570:47:430:27:14
Kelly Doyle0:09:000:42:311:01:560:52:560:33:310:19:25
Darryl Shields0:09:300:43:041:04:300:55:000:33:340:21:26
Terry Smith0:10:000:39:540:57:390:47:390:29:540:17:45
Tim Aldridge0:10:300:41:030:59:040:48:340:30:330:18:01
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