Mt Lennard/Pile Rd Trails

The Mt Lennard/Pile Road trail network is located in the picturesque Ferguson Valley a mere 15-20 mins from Bunbury.

The trails are ‘home’ to the SWMTBC who have now formally adopted them. With more than 30km of sanctioned trails, there is plenty to choose from and with state government investing heavily in trail towns, there could be more to come. The network is known for Western Australia’s notorious pea gravel, providing a challenge to even the most seasoned riders.

Most riders on their first visit to Pile Rd will park at the bottom hut and ride up Boylans to the top hut, fitter riders from here will ride any combination of the top trails before heading back down Grizzly to the bottom hut car park. It is recommended beginner riders start at the bottom and just do the lower section of Boylans/Grizzly to get used to the pea gravel and obstacles before venturing further up.

We recommend using the Trailforks app/map whilst riding to find where you are in the network. However, we also recommend sticking to the signposted trails. Installing the app on your phone means you can take the map with you and even see where you are in real time. For the current DBCA map and information click the link below.

Expect to find low to fair phone reception on the trails for most carriers. The bottom hut has a toilet block. Drinking water is not available.

We would like to request that anyone who comes across fallen trees, damaged or unreadable signs etc (anything else you can think of) please email details to including:

  • A note of the location – e.g. approx. 100 m east of Lennard Rd on Half Lennard’s
  • The GPS coordinates using a mapping app on your phone or GPS – Emergency +, Google Maps etc, and
  • A photo – a picture tells a thousand words.

We will then arrange for our Club Volunteers to rectify the problem, or in the case of the bigger stuff, notify Parks and Wildlife who will arrange the work.